If gardening is a religion then Take Root and Grow is the Bible….

Garth van Rheenen
Totties Country Restaurant

“A great resource…”

A great resource for the beginner food gardener. Whilst I do love my veggie patch, we are playing with planting veggies all over, even with the bedding plants.
Tanya Visser
The Gardener Mag

“Comprehensive and thoughtful”

Sue’s book has a real down-to-earth feel, while at the same time covering the important aspects of so many vital gardening topics. A comprehensive, thoughtful and honest gardening guide.
Sean Freeman
Living Seeds

“We reap what we sow…”

Susan Torrance has a passion for organic vegetable gardening as fiery as a Habanero chilly. Her “happy space” as she calls it, was the inspiration behind Take Root and Grow. This hands on guide is not just for seasoned gardeners but also aimed at helping newbies who haven’t a clue on where to start. Working from ground level up, she takes gardeners through the various stages, from designing a garden, to prepping the soil and sowing seeds, and then on to companion gardening, crop rotation and pest control. She also talks of her beginnings with Livingseeds and the general benefits of growing Heirloom seeds, considered the purest in the world with their unadulterated DNA.

Of course all friends need to be nurtured and she touches on encouraging our best friends, bees and worms into the garden. Expanding on nurturing, I giggled at the thought that plants flourish on tea, namely worm tea, green tea (comfrey, yarrow & borage leaves) and manure tea (chicken, horse and cow manure). Better still is Susan expands on how to brew them. 

The useful tips are endless, like what to do with mounting coffee granules (feed your worm farm), ash from the fireplace adds Potassium into soil and crushed egg shells eliminates slugs and snails. As Susan says “ everything has a right to live – just not in my veggie garden” and she expands on better natural remedies to commercial poisons when it comes to pest control.

At the end of the day we reap what we sow and we are what we eat. I agree there are bumper crops of gardening books on shelves but Susan’s guide is the answer to growing vegetables in our backyards. Her rules are basic and simple to follow, the rewards delicious and ultra healthy. 

And Audrey Hepburn rounds things off beautifully with her quote “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”.
Shean Adey
Country Life Magazine


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