Winter Garden Layout

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With so much interest by so many with the winter garden planting, I have designed a garden layout which is companion planted and includes pest control plants.

There has never been such an important awareness to how vital and necessary it is to be partly sustainable.

Even if you don’t have space, many veggies can be grown in pots.

Get digging, planting, loving and harvesting. Feel free to download, save and use the image provided below.

I hope you will enjoy gardening as much as I do!

PS. If you do get totally hooked then it would be so worth buying my book ‘Take Root and Grow’. It is available at many bookstores, if they are still open or a better safer option is online at Takealot, Loot or right here on the Gouna Gardens website. 🌱

Feel free to download, save and use this image!