Moles, moles and more moles!

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Some moley facts:

  • Moles can be a complete menace in the garden and are difficult to move them on to another garden.
  • Moles are digging mammals who can dig up to 20m in 1 day with their specially designed curved front claws.
  • They love to eat bugs, ants, spiders, grubs and worms. They can eat up to 23kg’s of worms in a year!
  • They paralyse worms and insects with poison in their saliva. They store paralysed food in underground pantries to eat at a later stage. 
  • Moles have tiny eyes which are covered in fur which explains their bad eyesight, but they have a good sense of smell.
  • Moles sadly don’t hibernate!
  • Moles are pregnant for 30 – 45 days depending on their species and have 2 – 6 babies, known as pups.
  • They live their entire life underground.
  • Moles live in every continent except South America and Antartica.

Mole pest control:

  • I have come across so many pest control methods and ideas to rid or repel moles from the garden, but I am still searching to find a successful remedy.
  • They despise the smell of castor oil, so use a castor oil based repellent.
  • Sprinkle dried blood, tobacco and coffee grinds at the hole.
  • Stuff spicy chilli down the hole.
  • Use a humane trap.
  • Vibration devises help to deter them too.
  • Get a Jack Russel dog!

This cool guy, always on the look out for them moles.