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Sue Torrance’s Take Root and Grow, a growing gardening guide, launched at Asara… {reblog}

Sue Torrance with her Take Root and Grow

Asara Wine Estate and Luxury Hotel has an excellent vegetable garden which is the hard work Sue Torrance and Asara Head Gardener, Tommy Williams and his team have put in. Providing vegetables, saladings and herbs for the hotel’s restaurants and the fabulous Sansibar Gin Bar.

Sue Torrance talks about her book at the launch

The launch of Sue Torrance’s Take Root and Grow took place in the Asara Vegetable and Herb Garden in the Polkadraai Hills, midst flowing Asara MCC Brut.  The book is a total joy. Very cleverly constructed by Sue it contains everything a gardener needs. From soil types to veggie garden preparation to composting and fertilizing. She talks at length about companion planting, worms, and gardening by the moon – I really believe in the phases of the moon and the effects it has on growing plants, and when they are planted. Sue also talks of Crop rotation – so important in keeping the land free of weeds. She talks of Heritage Seeds and Families, there is so much interest in Heritage, Heritage Tomatoes, Heritage Corn and Heritage Beans.  There are comprehensive sections of vegetables and herbs, telling how and when and what. Germination charts, monthly jobs and pest control are all covered.

Tommy Williams, Asara’s Head Gardener with Sue Torrance

Sue runs her successful business Gouna Gardens in Knysna and consults to places like Asara.

My best quote is on the back cover, Sue says, “ I hope that gardening may feed and sweeten your soul and gladden your heart, as it does for me every day of my life.”

Asara MCC Brut which was served at the launch

So, would I use this book? Certainly.

Would I recommend it? Yes, especially if you want to start growing your own and know from where your vegetables come.

Final thought? I like it as it contains a wealth of information from someone who has the experience, the passion and who has added a wonderful freshness to gardening.

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