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Mission: To plant the seed of how good it is to grow your own food.


Vision: To inspire more people to grow and eat their own food.


Values: You are what you eat. Eat well. Eat healthy. Eat what you sow.



Spring Garden Layout
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Spring is the season of new light and life, offering us inspiration and hope. It’s time to get busy in the garden or to create a new garden. Happy spring gardening and may you smell like soil at the end … Read More

Winter Garden Layout
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With so much interest by so many with the winter garden planting, I have designed a garden layout which is companion planted and includes pest control plants. There has never been such an important awareness to how vital and necessary … Read More

Starting a Winter Garden NOW
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Starting a winter garden NOW couldn’t be a better time with the Coronavirus in full swing along with extra time at home! Here is a basic guideline to what to plant now for winter and when to expect your harvest … Read More

A Strong Immune System
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Below are the 15 most powerful immune system boosters which may help to feed and keep your immune system strong. Most of them can be grown and harvested straight from your garden! Citrus fruit – high in Vit C which … Read More

The Scary Reality of Food Contamination.
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The reality of organic growing and eating. The latest reports about pesticide residues show that 70% of conventionally grown fruit and vegetables contain up to 230 different pesticides. The analysis based on produce samples tested by the US Department of … Read More

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Some snail facts you should know about: Snails… are a nightmare in the garden and the potting shed. My heart breaks when I check my gorgeous seedlings in the mornings and they have been munched to stumps… all gone! Snails … Read More